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I am retired from the local library. A grandmother of 4.Enjoy travel. I read just about anything from young adults to classic science fiction. Mysteries to non-fiction. Always have at least 2 books going.

If You Could See Me Now.

If You Could See Me Now - Cecelia Ahern

A little romance, A little Magic. Hard book to put a assign to a genre. It is a gentle fantasy romance about an imaginary friend who falls in love with his friend's Aunt.  It is a  serious  story about a family that is torn apart by alcohol addiction. It is an amusing tale of a uptight woman learning see  the world around her with childlike wonder. It is many things all woven together in a lovely book. That is,, of  coarse, what Cecelia Ahren does best. A good read for the reader willing to suspend belief for a short while.